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Ramallah (Palestine) is located in the West Bank, about 15 km north of Jerusalem and with about 25,000 inhabitants forms the political, economic and cultural center of the Palestinian territories.

Initial contacts between Bonn and the Palestinian city of Ramallah were established in 2009 and have been intensified through reciprocal informative trips and conferences. Since 2017, the two cities have been cooperating within the framework of the project "German-Palestinian municipal partnerships" of the Service Agency Communities in One World (SKEW).

The agreed focal points of the cooperation include culture, resilience and inclusion.

Bonn and Ramallah are currently working on the development of the "Garden of Senses" project. With the involvement of as many different people as possible, a barrier-free meeting place is to be created which, through the design of artistic objects, enables intensive seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting. The aim of the joint project is to create an awareness of the equal participation of all people in political, cultural and economic life and to promote mutual understanding. The project idea as well as the first drafts of the “Garden of Senses” were developed within the framework of the dialogue platform "Connective Cities" under the title "Inclusive Cities: Urban and Social Development for All" in Bonn in May 2018.

A participant from Ramallah also attended the 2020 virtual edition of the annual UNSSC Summer Academy. The five-day programme fostered interaction on Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.

The Mayor of the City of Ramallah, Musa Hadid, paid a visit to Bonn in September 2021. Hadid came to attend the founding of the Bonn-Ramallah Partnership Association and met with Mayor Katja Dörner to explore opportunities for collaboration.

 Mayor of Ramallah visits Bonn

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