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Six e-cars for outpatient health services handed over in La Paz

The City of Bonn supports its partner city of La Paz with the purchase of e-cars for outpatient health care services. After the symbolic handover of the first car in February, all six e-cars have now been handed over in La Paz. The small environmentally friendly cars had been tested beforehand to ensure that they could be used in the small steep streets and alleys in the city and surrounding areas.

Nawruz Festival: Delegation from Bukhara visits Bonn

A project partnership has been in place between Bonn and the Uzbek city of Bukhara for 20 years. Joint projects have successfully been implemented and close cooperation has been maintained throughout the years. As a sign of their solidarity, the cities again celebrated the Uzbek Nawruz spring festival in the Old Town Hall on Wednesday, March 15, 2023. 

Group photo from left to right: Dr. Maria Hohn-Berghorn, Khushvakht Akramova (Chairwoman of the Bukhara City Partnership Association), Oksana Ten (Executive Director of the German-Uzbek Society e.V.), Bobir Khalilov (Head of the Center for Work with the Mahallas and Promotion of Entrepreneurship of the City of Bukhara, Head of the Delegation from Bukhara), Dr. Colin Dürkop (President of the German-Uzbek Society e.V.), Melanie Grabowy (Deputy Mayor of Bonn)

For this purpose, a delegation from Bukhara traveled to Bonn from Monday to Thursday, March 13 to 16. 

The Nawruz festival (Kurdish 'newroz' literally means 'the new day') is a New Year and spring festival celebrated in Uzbekistan on March 21. It represents the end of winter and the beginning of spring. The celebration had first been held in the Old City Hall of Bonn in 2002. Corona-related, the format changed to an online gathering for the past three years.

At this year's celebration, which the city held jointly with the Uzbek Consul General and the German-Uzbek Society in the Old Town Hall, about 100 guests were present. Amongst them were the press secretary, Hokimijat of the City of Bukhara, Olim Jo'raev, the Head of the Department of Culture of the City of Bukhara, Abror Ortiqov, as well as the Chairwoman of the Bukhara City Partnerships Association, Khushvakht Akramova. In addition to traditional Uzbek music with dance, the national dish "Plov" (an originally oriental rice dish) was served, which a cook from the Uzbek Consulate General prepared in the traditional way on site.

The basis of the project partnership between Bonn and Bukhara was the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding for the establishment of friendly relations in 2003. There have been regular delegation visits on both sides, which focus on the topics of environment and sustainability, economy and tourism as well as education and culture. The German-Uzbek Partnership Association has also been accompanying and supporting the partnership for many years. 

Bonn supports partner city of La Paz with the purchase of e-cars for outpatient health care services

The city of Bonn supports its partner city of La Paz in the expansion of decentralized health care. The core of the project is the purchase of e-cars for the city's newly established outpatient health service. On February 3, 2023, the e-cars were symbolically handed over to the mayor of La Paz, Iván Arias. 

During a public ceremony, the first of the Bolivian-built vehicles was put into operation. The greetings of Mayor Katja Dörner were read out at the ceremony by the German Ambassador on site, José Schulz. 

For both mayors, the start of their respective terms at the end of 2020 and in mid-2021 was strongly influenced by the pandemic response. Iván Arias had already mentioned the pandemic as well as the climate crisis as important topics on the municipal agenda in an initial conversation with the Mayor of Bonn. Katja Dörner was therefore particularly pleased that the common concern to achieve climate neutrality now also plays an essential role in the current project to strengthen the health sector. She highly welcomes that emission-neutral mobility will now be used in this context in the future: "Bonn and La Paz stand together to work for the climate and the well-being of the people in our cities."

This project was implemented with funding from the Municipal Corona Solidarity Package of the Service Agency Communities in One World (SKEW) of Engagement Global. The funding program enables German municipalities to support their partner cities in strengthening their infrastructure after the pandemic. The project is embedded in the implementation of the concept "Medico en tu casa" (Doctor in your house), which was introduced in La Paz to establish and professionalize outpatient decentralized health care.

The health care program was developed by the Health Secretariat of the City of La Paz. It includes a series of measures to strengthen decentralized health care. In particular, elderly, chronically ill and mobility-impaired people who cannot leave their homes receive access to curative health services as well as rehabilitation and preventive measures. 

In the future, the new small Quantum E-cars made in Bolivia can be requested via a special emergency call system. They will help provide medical care at home, especially for elderly and mobility-impaired residents of La Paz.

A first step in the implementation of the program was the establishment of the central emergency call center "Auxilio La Paz 167," which was inaugurated by Mayor Arias in early August 2022. Mobile health teams linked to the municipal hospitals can be called through the emergency call center. Until now, there was still a lack of vehicles to adequately carry out the deployment of mobile teams for outpatient care.

Project partnership with La Paz:

The project partnership was approved by the Council of the City of Bonn in 2002. It places a strong focus on municipal approaches to environmental and climate issues. To this end, the two cities entered into a climate partnership in 2012. This is the first time that the partner cities are also working together in the health sector.

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