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SDG partnership conference brought together guests from partner cities

Bonn's SDG Partnership Conference has kicked off at the Old Town Hall at September 26, 2022. For the first time, the three-day conference brought together representatives from the European partner cities of the districts as well as from non-European partner cities.

The aim of the conference, entitled "Building Bridges between Cities in Europe and Worldwide - Joining Hands for Localising the SDGs", was to exchange technical information, jointly discuss project ideas for the local implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and initiate further networking between the partner cities. The focus has been on personal exchange between the partner cities and the City of Bonn, which has been severely limited over the past two and a half years due to the pandemic.  The conference was intended to give new impetus to cooperation and twinning arrangements.

Representatives from Bonn's project partner cities Bukhara (Uzbekistan), Cape Coast (Ghana) and La Paz (Bolivia) as well as from Bonn's twin cities of Oxford (Great Britain) and Opole (Poland) have been present. In addition, the city of Ramallah (Palestine), with which Bonn has been cooperating for several years, was also taking part. The various twinning associations were also participating in the conference.

Chengdu: Beethoven Seminar at Chengdu University

Project partnership between Bonn and Chengdu is continued online

From June 20-July 01, 2022, Chengdu University offered an online seminar on Bonn composer Ludwig van Beethoven to interested students. The course, entitled "Bonn and Chengdu: Beethoven as trademark" was held as part of the Summer School at Chengdu University and examined the question of Beethoven's role as a cultural "mediator figure" between Germany and China. Dr. Hannes Jedeck, a musicologist and sinologist himself, led the seminar from the German side.

Since the topic "Beethoven" apparently aroused more interest than expected, the seminar, initially limited to 15 participants, was eventually opened to 80 students from Chengdu University. The demand was simply too great. The Chinese coordinator of the program, Lianlian Gao, explained it as follows: "For us, Beethoven is an international icon. In China, almost every student knows his famous '9th Symphony' or the piano piece 'Für Elise'." 

Numerous Bonn institutions and facilities supported the online seminar with their own contributions. 

Cape Coast: Mayor Katja Dörner receives her counterpart Ernest Arthur with a delegation

Mayor Katja Dörner and Ernest Arthur.

For two years, the Corona pandemic has severely slowed down personal contacts within the framework of Bonn's city and project partnerships. Now, Mayor Katja Dörner has been able to welcome guests in Bonn again. Her fellow mayor Ernest Arthur and his staff members Abdul-Razak Mac-Abubakar (Metropolitan Planning Officer) and Richmond Yeboah (Investor Relations and Press) from Cape Coast, Ghana, visited the Mayor in her office on Tuesday, May 31, 2022.

A short exchange about the topical issues in Bonn and Cape Coast was followed by the signing of the guest book of the City of Bonn. The Mayor also invited the guests to the planned SDG conference of the twin cities in Bonn in September.

Cape Coast: Managing waste generation

Even in times of the Corona pandemic, two new projects were launched with the partner city of Cape Coast through several online meetings. For example, the two partner cities participated in UN Habitat's Waste Wise Cities Initiative, which aims to support African cities in particular in managing waste generation.

Already in 2021, a solid waste survey was conducted in Cape Coast in this context. This was made possible by funding from the Japanese Development Agency. In February 2022, the first results of the analysis were presented at a workshop in Cape Coast, which was attended by representatives of Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly as well as by UN Habitat and the University of Cape Coast.

The project also received support in the form of advice from a German expert recruited by Bonn Orange. It was found that a major problem in solid waste management is the weak funding base, which means that the municipality has hardly any resources to tackle improvements. Based on the report, recommendations for further possible collaborative projects will now be developed.

The first learning lab under the Urban Natural Assets project was also held in Cape Coast in February 2022. The participation of the City of Cape Coast in the ICLEI Africa project came about through the mediation of the City of Bonn. The aim of the project is to strengthen the climate adaptability of cities, especially through nature-based solutions, and thus to protect biodiversity in urban areas. In these activities, the two partner cities can build on their previous cooperation in the Fosu Lagoon renaturation project: (opens in a new tab)

A visit by the Ghanaian partners to Bonn and Düsseldorf is planned for the end of May 2022 as part of the NRW - Ghana municipal exchange. This first face-to-face meeting after almost three years (the last visit to Bonn took place in September 2019) can hopefully be used as a basis for further revitalization of the cooperation.

La Paz

The overall difficult tense situation made cooperation very difficult. Due to the new elections and the subsequent changes in staff, the contacts at the municipal level had to be rebuilt. In January 2022, a first (online) conversation between the two mayors took place to enable personal contact and mutual exchange. Both Mayors are leading their cities towards climate neutrality and expressed their will to continue working together, also in the framework of @ICLEI and under the @EngGlobal climate partnerships.

In a further video conference with the new staff members responsible for international work, the desire was expressed to work together in the field of health in addition to the existing focus areas of renewable energies, waste management and recycling, and environmental education. Currently, it is being explored whether and in which form cooperation and financial support is possible. 

Mayor Ivan Arias took office in La Paz in May 2021. Bonn's Mayor Dörner was particularly interested in his extensive expertise on participation processes. The new mayor of La Paz cordially invited Ms. Dörner to the Bolivian project partner city.

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