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Bonn Network for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management.

Worldwide, people are threatened by the consequences of climate change such as earthquakes, floods and storms. This applies in particular to people in the world's poorest countries, in coastal areas or in mountain regions. But also in Europe and Germany natural events with destructive effects have led to high losses.

Numerous organizations and institutions that are based in Bonn are involved in the field of disaster risk reduction and management. In addition to United Nations agencies, these include federal authorities, scientific institutions, development organizations, companies, relief organizations, NGOs and many others.

Since 2010, the City of Bonn has been involved in international cooperation in the field of disaster risk reduction and management, especially in collaboration with the United Nations Early Warning Platform ISDR and the city network ICLEI - Cities for Sustainability. The most recent example of this is the cooperation with the city of Lautoka (Fiji) initiated during the 23rd World Climate Conference in Bonn as part of the ICLEI Front-Line Islands & Cities Initiative. This initiative brings together cities bordering seas and rivers at risk from climate change with municipalities in small island states.

To promote networking and exchange among national and international actors from politics, civil society, science and the private sector based in Bonn, the Bonn Network for International Disaster Risk Reduction and Management was founded in 2017.

The Bonn Network is intended to form a broad coalition of actors from all areas and levels to

  • strengthen the exchange and networking of actors involved in disaster risk reduction and management on site.
  • inform on related tasks, services, events and projects
    Consolidate Bonn as a center of competence in the field of international disaster risk reduction and management.
Department of International Affairs and Global Sustainability
City of Bonn

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