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Bonn’s annual partner organization 2019 is the tropical forest foundation "Oro Verde", which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. The foundation combines the themes of biodiversity, climate protection and poverty reduction, which are also characteristic of Bonn as an international location.

Oro Verde was founded in 1989 by renowned personalities from business and the natural sciences and has been committed to protecting the world's tropical forests ever since.

With a colourful programme of events, Oro Verde will make it possible to experience the tropical forests with their diversity of species and their surprisingly close connection to our everyday lives. Because the rainforests are not only important to us as huge CO2 reservoirs. The rainforest is also present in our everyday lives in the form of chocolate, coffee, paper or soya and meat. Rainforest live in Bonn: All Bonn citizens are invited to become discoverers of the rainforest in their city.

A glance back: Oro Verde Anniversary Celebration in the Old Town Hall

Mayor Sridharan with guests at the Oro Verde Anniversary Celebration in the Old Town Hall.

Oro Verde, Bonn’s Annual Partnership Organization for 2019 celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. On May 2, Mayor Sridharan was able to welcome many guests to a discussion and reception in the Old Town Hall, where Oro Verde presented its valuable work that contributes to the protection of tropical forests.

2019 Annual Partnership Organization: Oro Verde

Background information

Since the year 2000, the City of Bonn has invited Bonn-based international organizations to an annual partnership every year. Each year, a resident organization has the opportunity to present itself and its topics in a series of public events, which are supported by the city with extensive services.

The City of Bonn refers to the respective partnership in the footer of its e-mails. And large info screens at the main railway station and the free stampers also advertise the city’s partnership organization and enhance visibility in the cityscape.

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