Highlighting Europe.

In its municipal work, the City of Bonn also places a focus on European affairs. In order to strengthen the trust of citizens in Europe, the city offers information, discussion and encounters with European political actors, making Europe a tangible experience for all.

Under the motto "Europe in Bonn - Bonn in Europe", the City of Bonn regularly offers a wide range of events and activities around European topics. Events such as Bonn's Day of Europe or the Europe Week are particularly popular with the population and have become a good tradition.

Day of Europe

Every year on the first weekend in May Bonn celebrates a Day of Europe, offering an extensive information and entertainment programme in the Old Town Hall in the city center, where European associations, organizations and institutions present their work.

This year on 4 May, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., 23 exhibitors including bi-national societies, European schools, European and active development institutions, associations and organizations again showcased their work, offering a wide range of hands-on activities and lots of interesting information around Europe. Guests were also able to taste local specialties and culinary delights of all kind. The political parties informed about their European-political opinions on Bonn’s Market Square in front of the Old Town Hall.

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  • Michael Sondermann/Bundesstadt Bonn
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  • Giacomo Zucca / Bundesstadt Bonn

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