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European Networks

Around 80 percent of European legislation has a direct or indirect impact on the local level. It is therefore particularly important that the concerns of cities and municipalities are heard in the development of strategies, policies and legislation.

The City of Bonn is actively involved in numerous European networks and working groups. Networking and forming an alliance with other cities gives the local voice in Europe a greater political weight.

The professional exchange of knowledge and experience gives the administration the opportunity to discuss challenges, to present solutions and to profit from the experiences made in other European cities. For the employees, this is a concrete added value for their daily work. And for the citizens, this means that municipal tasks are carried out effectively and efficiently.


In the EUROCITIES network of cities, the City of Bonn works together with 140 of the largest European cities in the fields of culture, mobility, social affairs, the environment, business and the knowledge society to elaborate local positions which the network brings into the European political debate. The focus is on dialogue with representatives at European level, cooperation in working groups and the planning and implementation of joint projects.

In forums and working groups on culture, mobility, social issues, the environment, the economy and the knowledge society, employees of the City of Bonn are involved, for example, through specialist lectures on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in Bonn or by participating in a case study on climate action and adaptation.

One year on, sombre events mark war in Ukraine

As buildings continue to crumble and anxiety to grip the country, cities across Europe are rallying behind Ukraine one year after Russia’s invasion.

For months, municipalities have been hosting millions of Ukrainian refugees and sending life-saving aid to the war-torn country. Today, Eurocities members are marking the occasion with symbolic actions to tell Ukrainians that they’re not alone and that the show of solidarity will continue for as long as needed.

Candlelight vigils, exhibits, lit up buildings: in cities, the mood is sombre for this difficult milestone. In the past year, thousands of Ukrainians have lost their lives to the war and some eight million have become refugees.