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Carnival in Bonn

Carnival in Bonn is diverse and inclusive. It’s about having fun and historical tradition. It is partying with neighbors, enjoying fancy dress ... and the ultimate experience of the Rhenish peoples’ ‘joy for life’. Back in the era of baroque, the electors of Cologne celebrated Carnival with masquerades in their City Palace (nowadays: University Main Building) following the example of Venice. Even Giacomo Casanova made it to Bonn in 1760 to attend one of these.

After 1850, citizens and students started celebrating carnival. This was the birth hour of the uniformed carnival corps, imitating the prussian occupants and thereby making fun of it. For example they created their own decorations for carnival as a mockery of prussian medals of honor.


Weiberfastnacht in Beuel

If you like, you can reminisce about Weiberfastnacht in Beuel with the video below and look forward to the years to come:

Weiberfastnacht in Beuel 2023