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Kunstmuseum Bonn

The Bonn Art Museum, an architectural masterpiece of Axel Schultes, attracts visitors from all over the world and houses an impressive collection of key works by August Macke and other Rhenish expressionists.

Your health is our utmost priority, which is why the opening of the museum is based on a hygiene plan according to official requirements.
An online registration prior to your visit is no longer necessary. 

30th anniversary

In 2022, the Kunstmuseum Bonn will celebrate its 30th anniversary on Bonn's Museum Mile!

Admission-free Sundays in the anniversary year:

In the anniversary year, you will receive free admission to the Kunstmuseum on every second Sunday of the month. The campaign is financed by the Friends of the Kunstmuseum Bonn e.V.

Free admission for all visitors born in 1992:

The Kunstmuseum Bonn was opened on the Museumsmeile in 1992. In this anniversary year, all visitors born in 1992 are admitted completely free of charge. All that is required is the presentation of a valid identification document.


With one of the internationally most important collections of German art  – based on the seminal inventory of works by August Macke –, the Kunstmuseum disposes over a collection profile that is unparalleled throughout the country. The collection focuses on the Rhenish Expressionists, German art after 1945 including Joseph Beuys’ Multiples as well as graphic art including photography and the video center Ingrid Oppenheim. The museum’s relevance has been steadily growing over the past decades.

Collection August Macke

The purchase of the paintings in 1949 of “Tightrope Walkers” and “Turkish Café” by August Macke constituted the beginning of professional and programmatic collecting at the Kunstmuseum Bonn. At the same time, these works laid the groundwork for a particular emphasis of the museum that still applies today.

In the ensuing years, one of the most extensive collections of Macke’s works was to be assembled, with paintings from all periods of his creative life, including a large number of watercolors and drawings.

Kunstmuseum Bonn