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International Telekom Beethoven Competition Bonn

In honor of Ludwig van Beethoven, the generously-endowed International Telekom Beethoven Competition Bonn is held in his birthplace, with young pianists from all over the world taking part.

Deutsche Telekom holds this challenging competition every two years. The 10th competition 

will take place this year from 30 November to 10 December. The competition will begin with the Welcome Concert on 30 November, in which the first prize-winner in 2021, Hans Suh, will present a varied programme and this year's field of participants will be introduced.

The competition is organised in three preliminary rounds and a two-part final. While the participants in the first two rounds and the semi-final will present solely repertoire for solo piano, the final requires chamber music and a piano concerto with orchestra. The announcement of the participants who will play in the next round of the competition will be made at the end of each round after the jury's decision and the online voting – at the venue, in the livestream and also available for review on the competition's homepage.

As a musical finale to the competition, the three prize-winners will play once again on 10 December, without any judging, in the prize-winners' matinée.

The winners of the competition receive not only attractive cash prizes (EUR 30,000 for first place alone) but also numerous impressive concert bookings in Germany and abroad, many of them with major orchestras.

What makes it so special: All the rounds of the competition are open to the public. Some 6,500 listeners attended the initial rounds at Telekom Headquarters and the final. It is only necessary to purchase admission tickets for the final concert with the Beethoven Orchestra. All the other rounds can be enjoyed free of charge.

Schedule 2023

  • Welcome concert: November 30, 7 p.m., Telekom Headquarters 
  • First round: December 1 - 3, Telekom Headquarters 
  • Second round: December 4 - 5, Telekom Headquarters
  • Semi Final: December 6, Telekom Headquarters
  • Chamber Music Final: December 8, Telekom Headquarters
  • Orchestra Final: December 9, Telekom Forum with Beethoven Orchestra Bonn
  • Prize-winners' matinée: December 10, Beethoven House Bonn

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  • Dan Hannen/International Telekom Beethoven Competition