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Wednesday, 1. May 202410:00 Uhr19:00 Uhr

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In 2023, the Bundeskunsthalle has organised a summer programme of interactions, play and visual and acoustic impulses around the building, complementing the existing artworks in the outdoor space: the Circular Appearing Rooms water pavilion by Jeppe Hein, which presents itself in the square every summer, the Bonn Slide by Carsten Höller, which winds around its own axis up the façade, and The Curve by Bettina Pousttchi, which is also dedicated to movement.

Interactions 2024 will once again occupy various places in the public space of the Bundeskunsthalle: from the roof to the foyer to the inner courtyard and the forecourt, selected artworks, performances or workshops will be offered that invite interactive play, but also deal with visual languages, music or sound as a cross-border and universal form of communication.

All participating artists* are interested in ways of expression and techniques that break down the possible distance to art and perhaps make it easier for people to interact in our complex diversified society. This year, a wide-ranging installation by Gabriel Lester will be added, offering a collective but also an individual experience of sound and space. Temitayo Ogunbiyi enriches the course with a formally organic climbing scaffold, consisting of several steel poles wrapped in plant fibres. And Esra Gülmen offers with her seesaws to playfully find a balance between two contrary statements.

Finnegan Shannon's blue outdoor benches will again invite people to linger, just as Olaf Nicolai's football goal walls encourage play. And Ryan Gander's little mouse will try to tell a story in the stairwell. Further positions are in preparation.

Interactions, interventions and possible irritations give visitors the opportunity to actively participate in the art. This demonstrates that art can be an open offer that serves both the individual and the shared experience - a togetherness in which rigid roles and behaviour patterns are questioned, openness, tolerance and sensitivity are promoted.

As in 2023, the programme will open with a weekend of performances and work-shops as well as a Dance into May.



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  • Ryan Gander, I... I... I…, 2019, Privatsammlung, Foto: David Ertl, 2023 © Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland GmbH