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Women's Carnival Day

Karnevalszug und Rathaussturm

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Thursday, 8. February 202410:00 Uhr17:00 Uhr

Calling it the "Wrong Side" of town is actually wrong! – Every year when it is Carnival time Beuel, situated on the river rhine opposite of Bonn, turns into a witches’ cauldron. Or you’d better call it: the "washerwomens’ cauldron".

For more than 190 years Bonn-Beuel has been the cradle of women’s carnival. After a legendary carnival revolt of the washerwomen of Beuel in 1824 and their foolish goings-on the worldwide unique character of the washerwomen’s Princess finally emerged in the middle of the 20th century.

Around 2,000 participants set off at 10 a.m. on their two-hour journey from Siegburger Straße to Beuel City Hall, in front of which crowds of revellers are also preparing for the storming of City Hall by the Washer Princess and her entourage, accompanied by musical entertainment.

200 years of Beueler Weiberfastnacht