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The Abduction from the seraglio

In German | with German and English Surtitles

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Wednesday, 20. December 202319:30 Uhr

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If the Emperor were to give him a thousand guldens, he would pen for him a German opera, Mozart declared to his father after Joseph II had declared German to be the official language of the Empire and the Burgtheater in Vienna to be its National Theater. In just a few months Mozart composed his German singspiel THE ABDUCTION FROM THE SERAGLIO, his »Turkish« opera which — like all his operas — is one having to do with love.

Up till then the lives of Konstanze and Belmonte appeared to be in every detail predictable: marriage, high standing in society, children — the result of a stable relationship that »till death does it part«. Then all at once everything changes. The pair is separated. Konstanze winds up in a seraglio (a harem) and must ward off the advances of her new master.

She must especially shield herself against a gnawing question: could she fall for a man other than Belmonte? When the longed-for future husband finally finds her and her abduction is planned, their union for both has been called into question. Did their love for each other survive the separation? And was it from the start at all love or some sort of pleasant couple routine?

Wolfgang Amadé Mozart accompanies in the opera he composed in 1782 his principle characters with much love and deep emotional sensitivity as they experience hope, joy, sadness, all sorts of torture before they together, matured, leave behind the seraglio.