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Of Mice and Men

Based on the novel by John Steinbeck

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Friday, 15. December 202319:30 Uhr

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Parched fields, scorching heat - where once there was fertile soil, there is now only bare emptiness. In the midst of this emerging drought, George and Lennie, like so many others, move from one farm to the next in search of work. For little money they work where something still grows at all, in other people's fields. But only until one day they will have enough money. Because they dream of their own piece of land with a small house, vegetable beds and rabbit hutches. Again and again they take refuge in this dream of great independence, but it becomes more distant with each new job, because Lennie seems to attract problems just like that. Due to a mental impairment, he is like a male child, a little boy in the body of a dangerously strong man. What he wants to pet and care for, he destroys with his strong hands. George takes care of him, always putting his own needs aside. An unusual friendship, but for the two the last piece of humanity in a dehumanized world. When they meet old Candy on a farm and he wants to take a financial stake in their property, their dream finally seems within reach. But the encounter with the boss's quarrelsome son and his life-hungry wife inevitably leads to disaster.

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