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Highlights of international dance: Nutcracker

State Ballet and State Orchestra Stara Zagora (Bulgaria)

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Friday, 22. December 202319:30 Uhr

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Clear thing that with a NUSSKNACKER above all one may not be missing: Christmas. It's about our very personal nostalgia, the rapture of the festivities, and perhaps the last remnants of meaningful rituals in our everyday lives.

Clara receives a nutcracker as a gift from her godfather. After the party, she falls asleep and dreams that the nutcracker is fighting a battle with toy soldiers against the army of the Mouse King. Of course, Clara rushes to his aid, and lo and behold - the wooden figure is actually a prince! Together with him, the girl, carried by a whirlwind of singing snowflakes, finally reaches the kingdom of the Sugar Plum Fairy...

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