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Highlights of international dance: More than

Shayar Binyamini (Israel)

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Tuesday, 19. December 202319:30 Uhr

Where is the boundary between physical intimacy and the expression of our soul, our personality?

With his choreography, Shahar Binyamini is not only on the trail of the essence of love, in all his pieces he researches the interface between body, soul and spirit. How are they connected, what is the purpose of the body for the human being? Do feelings dwell in our earthly shells from the beginning or do they only arise from our physical condition, from movement, from the sensual sensations of the nerves? Do feelings change by what the body perceives?

Israeli choreographer Shahar Binyamini studied biology before dance became his profession. Shahar Binyamini danced for seven years in the Batsheva Dance Company with Ohad Naharin and works worldwide as an expert in his Gaga technique.

His new piece begins with a long line of lonely, absorbed beings, from which suddenly emerges an intense, strongly physical duo. His dance does not give answers, but consists in the search for what the human being is. How much animalism is in us? Or are we rather souls trapped in a body? Perhaps Homo sapiens is currently already moving on to the next level ...

The music for MORE THAN is by composer Daniel Grossmann, with whom Binyamini has collaborated for several years.

Binyamini won the 2021 Most Promising Choreographer of the Year Award, presented by the Israeli Ministry of Culture.

Theater Bonn is pleased to host the German premiere of More than on December 19.