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Pützchens Markt fair

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Friday, 6. September 202411:00 Uhr23:00 Uhr

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The entire spectrum of funfair attractions - from A for action to Z for cotton candy - is offered by Pützchens Markt every second weekend in September.  Around 550 stores are placed on an event area of approximately 80,000 square meters, offering attractions ranging from traditional stores to state-of-the-art funfair technology to more than one million visitors. 

The roots of the fair go back to the worship of St. Adelheid. Around the turn of the first millennium, she provided hungry people with food. Even then, pilgrims came to the monastery in Vilich. When Adelheid thrust her abbess's staff into the earth during a time of great drought, water gushed out of the ground at this spot. The well or "Pütz" gave the village its name. 

To this day, the faithful expect healing from the water of the spring. Pützchen is said to have become a place of pilgrimage around the middle of the 14th century. Soon people set up tents and stalls where goods were sold. Slowly a fair developed, which grew and grew: merchants, travelers, balladeers, jugglers, animal tamers and artists came. The Pützchens Markt was born.