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Bonn Alaaf – Beethoven Orchestra Bonn

Event information

Date & Time

Sunday, 11. February 202411:00 Uhr12:15 Uhr
  • André Gatzke, presenter
  • Lorna Bowden, concept and dramaturge
  • Bönnsche Pänz
  • Joe Tillmann, rehearsal Bönnsche Pänz
  • dancers from the Ballet Centre Vadim Bondar
  • Beethoven Orchestra Bonn
  • Hermes Helfricht, concuctor

For all from 4 to 99 years.

Duration approx. 70 minutes without intermission.

When André Gatzke comes to the opera for the big children’s carnival party, there will be singing, swaying and laughing. Carnival hits in orchestral arrangements and music through all styles and eras – everyone will get their money’s worth at this concert. We are looking forward to the whirlwind André Gatzke, the young dancers from the Vadim Bondar Ballet Centre and the Bönnsche Pänz and above all to many big and small carnival revellers in disguise in the orchestra … and the audience!


€ 10/5 ermäßigt