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Karnevalskonzert – Beethoven Orchestra Bonn

So ein Theater!

Event information

Date & Time

Friday, 9. February 202420:00 Uhr22:45 Uhr
  • Knut Vanmarcke & Dirk Vossberg-Vanmarcke (Familie Malente)
  • Beethoven Orchestra Bonn
  • Dirk Kaftan, conductor

What theatre: Familie Malente meets Dirk Kaftan and the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn. This means fun, mix-ups, wonderful costumes and great drama are pre-programmed! As every year, our carnival programme offers a bouquet of colourful melodies: sometimes Rhenish, sometimes Viennese, sometimes from Venice, Rio de Janeiro or one of the other great carnival strongholds of the world. Orchestral, vocal and full-bodied numbers alternate – you can be curious!


€ 34/30/26/21/17