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Bundesrat 2 – Beethoven Orchestra Bonn


Event information

Date & Time

Wednesday, 13. March 202420:00 Uhr22:00 Uhr

Marie Heeschen, soprano
I Solisti Bonna
Mariska van der Sande, flute
Keita Yamamota, oboe
Hans Joachim Mohrmann, clarinet
Geoffrey Winter, horn
Thomas Ludes, basson

19:15: venue tour

In cooperation with Stiftung Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland


  • Paul Hindemith 1895-1963
    Kleine Kammermusik
  • Toshio Hosokawa *1955
    Fragmente 3
  • Gustav Mahler 1860-1911
    3 Wunderhorn Lieder
  • Giulio Briccialdi 1818-1881
    Quintett D-Dur
  • Hector Berlioz 1803-1869
    Les nuits d'ete

Our musicians are not only first-class orchestra members, high-ranking soloists and enthusiastic chamber musicians: They are also part of the large network of musicians spanning all genres. Whether they make excursions into non-European music, like Hans Joachim Mohrmann, or help young musicians to get started, like Thomas Ludes: An orchestra is a nucleus for cultural and social activities, far beyond our own work! For example, there is the connection to the singers of the theatre: when Thomas Ludes asked Marie Heeschen if she would like to do an evening with a wind quintet, she immediately and spontaneously agreed. Such a quintet as Solisti Bonna­­­­­­ is a true musical chameleon that adapts to the circumstances and the partners and takes us into different musical realms with its countless colours. And so we can look forward to an evening with Marie Heeschen’s bell-bright soprano voice and the virtuoso sounds of Solisti Bonna­­­­­­: In the first part with the tongue-in-cheek Paul Hindemith and some dazzling songs by Gustav Mahler, in the second part with pure romanticism: Briccialdi’s quintet and the balmy airs breathing Les nuits d’ete by Hector Berlioz.


€ 27