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Beethoven-Lounge 1 – Beethoven Orchestra Bonn

Music & Talk

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Monday, 18. December 202320:00 Uhr22:00 Uhr

The musical talk show with exciting guests, including Kateryna Kravchenko, lively conversations and good music hosted by Dirk Kaftan.

Music and talk under the sign of the »B«: The Beethoven Lounge at the Pantheon enters its fifth round. We started at the beginning of the Beethoven anniversary year 2020. The purpose of the Lounge was to discuss Beethoven topics of the anniversary year, to see how others do it, to bring people around Beethoven in contact with each other. After the end of the festivities, in addition to the Corona catcalls, the desire remained to maintain this opportunity for exchange. At the heart of the Beethoven-Lounges is the word, is the talk – Dirk Kaftan converses with his guests from society, culture, politics and sports about the changes in the cultural landscape, about institutions and the independent scene, about diversity and sustainability, about war and peace – and of course about music.


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