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Smart City Bonn - project examples

Broadband expansion

Broadband expansionThe projects for subsidized fiber-optic expansion are progressing well. The first program, the "White Spots Program," will enable around 51 elementary and special schools and two commercial areas to be connected in 2023 according to the current status. 
In the second program, the "Special Call for Commercial Areas, Industrial Parks, Schools and Hospitals," the focus is primarily on all of Bonn's remaining commercial areas and a further 22 institutions. It is currently assumed that all address points will be developed in 2024. In addition, as a precaution, the administration has already applied for funding for the so-called "Gray Spots Program", which will not officially start until the end of 2022. This third subsidy represents a significant increase in the level of funding for Bonn. That is why the prudent principle of "market before state" applies here: In the current fiber-optic market, new well-funded fiber-optic providers are emerging all the time and are pushing self-supported expansion in particular. In this situation, it is the task of the business development department to hold talks with the various companies in order to be able to implement as many connections as possible with the network providers' own funds in addition to the state-subsidized expansion.
Last but not least, the past two years of the Corona pandemic have shown how important fast Internet access has become. It ensures digitization, home offices, remote learning and forms the infrastructural basis of Bonn as a business, science and UN location. 

Geobusiness Bonn Region

At the end of November 2021, the Economic Development Agency in cooperation with the Bonn/Rhein-Sieg Chamber of Commerce and Industry invited the members of the Geobusiness Region Bonn to exchange ideas on the question "How can the Geobusiness Region Bonn further develop the process towards the Digital City of Bonn? The Chief Digital Officer of the City of Bonn, Friedrich Fuß, gave an exciting presentation on the digital activities of the City of Bonn, followed by a lively discussion and it quickly became clear that it would not remain with just one appointment. Two more workshops followed in February and May 2022 under the moderation and coordination of the Economic Development Agency and the Bonn/Rhein-Sieg Chamber of Commerce and Industry. During the workshops, the participants formed three groups, each with a focus topic (environment, transport and young talent), and are now working this out into concrete projects. The focus is on the common good, which means actively shaping urban society and creating something together for the benefit of all. Updates are accessible here:

App “Citykey”

With the "Citykey" app, which will be activated for Bonn by March 31, 2022, the city of Bonn has reached another milestone on its way to becoming a smart city. 

The app bundles various services for citizens and is intended as a supplement to the city's websites. 
Due to the war in Ukraine, two additional services were set up that bundle and clearly present the essential information for both refugees and helpers in German, English and Ukrainian. The Economic Development Department collects feedback on the app and develops it further together with the entire administration in order to develop further added value for users*. Feel free to give us feedback directly in the app!

The app can be downloaded free of charge at:

More information about Citykey can be found at the following link:

Idea competition Design Thinking

In November 2021, the Economic Development Agency, together with the Chief Digital Officer of the Federal City of Bonn, held three workshops in cooperation with Detecon at the coworking space "The 9th" in Bonn. The goal of the workshops was to get to know the "Design Thinking" method and to subsequently apply it to one's own ideas. "Design Thinking" is a method for solving complex problems and developing new ideas. A strong focus was placed on the identified needs and requirements of future users.
Three motivated teams of students each developed an idea based on a problem ("Design Challenge") - towards a concept idea. The "Design Challenges" focused on the topics "Sustainable Mobility" or "Attractive City Center". The results of the workshops were evaluated by a jury of representatives of the Federal City of Bonn on the basis of various criteria (research effort, feasibility, innovative content, benefit for the target group(s), etc.). Depending on their ranking, each team received prize money and a certificate of participation. The concept ideas will be checked for feasibility by the administration. Details on the projects can be found here:

Dialog for cybersecurity

Since 2013, experts from the cyber security scene have been discussing current issues and challenges at the Bonn Dialog for Cyber Security. The goal of the event format is - in addition to the exchange of experts - to make Bonn better known as a location for IT security. The dialog is supported by the partners Bundesstadt Bonn, Deutsche Telekom, Fraunhofer FKIE, Industrie- und Handelskammer (IHK) Bonn/Rhein-Sieg, Allianz für Cybersicherheit, Universität Bonn, Hi Solutions AG and Cyber Security Cluster Bonn e.V.. In May 2022, the 18th Bonn Dialog for Cybersecurity "Ransomware-Land Deutschland" focused on the increasing cyberattacks on companies and was again held as a hybrid event for the first time.

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