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Smart City Bonn

Digital strategies

The city of Bonn is in the middle of the digital transformation and is facing all the challenges that go with it. The two strategy papers provide orientation during this process on the basis of goals and measures. They essentially answer the question "How do we want to achieve the digital transformation together?". The current versions of both strategy papers can be viewed under the following links:

It is important that strategy papers also undergo constant transformation. They are shaped by feedback and experience and require regular adaptation. The city administration is therefore working on a strategy update that summarizes the digital transformation of the Federal City of Bonn.

Obtain feedback

The "Digital City" strategy paper is a living strategy that is being further developed by a wide variety of stakeholders and their feedback. For example, in cooperation with the Bonn/Rhein-Sieg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Economic Development Department invited representatives of companies to gather their feedback on the strategy paper. Under the hashtag #GemeinsamDigital, around 30 participants discussed both the strategy paper and the Bonn in 3D ( 3d.bonn (opens in a new tab)) application as one of the implemented measures.  

Since June 2021, the Federal City of Bonn has been providing the public with a three-dimensional visualization of the city in the form of a web application. It is also the basis for numerous use cases, for example in urban development. All findings from the feedback rounds will be incorporated into the strategy paper and are available at the following link: 

Abteilungsleitung, Stellvertretende Amtsleitung, Manager Digitale Stadt
Mr. Friedrich Fuß
Chief Digital Officer
Jana Hevendehl
Mr. Henning Spreckelmeyer