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Healthcare management

The health care industry in Bonn is characterized by an excellent medical care structure, a large number of health-oriented research and scientific institutions and the headquarters of important authorities, foundations and associations in the health care sector. In addition, renowned companies from the fields of telemedicine, imaging systems, consulting and occupational safety are represented at the location. 

High level of medical care

Medical care in Bonn is at a high level, both inpatient and outpatient: In the inpatient sector, around 20 hospitals, clinics and specialist outpatient clinics contribute to this, including Bonn University Hospital with its 38 clinics. In the outpatient sector, more than 1,000 physicians in private practice, psychotherapeutic practices, physiotherapists and other therapists are active in patient care. 

Around 100 pharmacies and health care providers ensure that the population is supplied with medicines and medical products close to home. 

Top research

The broad spectrum of medical and pharmaceutical research in Bonn is supported by both university and non-university research. The main focus is on neuromedicine, medicine of aging, life sciences and pharmacology. 

Health as an economic factor

As an employment-intensive industry of the future, the healthcare sector is also an economic factor: In Bonn, for example, there were approximately 34,600 employees subject to social insurance contributions in the healthcare and social services sector in mid-2021. The core area of healthcare alone (inpatient and outpatient care, therapeutic practices, specialist retail and healthcare trades) accounted for a good 24,130 employees, which corresponds to around 13% of all employees subject to social insurance contributions in Bonn. 

Public health authorities and associations

Major ministries, authorities, foundations and associations in the health care sector have their headquarters in Bonn. Their areas of activity are extremely diverse, ranging from the government policy tasks of the federal ministries, to the charitable work of the foundations, to the political and professional representation of specific sectors, professional and patient groups by the associations based in Bonn. 


With its networking activities in the field of health care management, the Bonn Economic Development Agency pursues, among other things, the goal of increasing transparency about the local and regional offerings of the health care industry, identifying current topics and taking them up in appropriate formats. 

In addition to the close cooperation with the health department of the city of Bonn, the health departments and economic development agencies of the Rhine-Sieg district and the district of Ahrweiler, the participation of the Bonn Economic Development Agency in the Gesundheitsregion KölnBonn e. V. should be mentioned in particular. 

The city of Bonn, together with other regional authorities in the region, is a founding member of the association, which has been in existence since 2009 and now has more than 140 healthcare companies and institutions as members. In total, Gesundheitsregion KölnBonn e.V. comprises ten regional authorities, eight of which are in North Rhine-Westphalia and two in Rhineland-Palatinate. On a rotational basis, the city of Bonn is represented on the association's board of directors during the 2021-2024 election period by the head of economic development, Victoria Appelbe, who represents the municipal members here.

The purpose of the association is to promote and network science, research, business, care and other areas in the medicine and health cluster in the CologneBonn region. The aim is in particular to contribute to developing and expanding the region into a nationally and internationally respected and recognized health location.

Mr. Dieter Knospe