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Examples of real estate projects

Property transactions

In addition to all purchases and sales of developed and undeveloped properties for the City of Bonn, all contract constellations relevant to the land register are processed. This includes, for example, entries or deletions of easements, land charges or line rights. The establishment and management of hereditary building rights is becoming an increasingly important part of everyday life.

Important projects

Mallwitzstr. 2-4

In Bonn-Lannesdorf, in the south of Bonn near the Pennenfeld sports park, the former school "King Fahad Academy", which was operated by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is located at Mallwitzstr. 2-4. After 10 years of vacancy, the city of Bonn bought the building and it could be directly put to municipal use. The building will be used to house Ukrainian refugees until further notice.

State Authority Building (LBH)

The latest major project is also located in the south of Bonn. On the corner of Godesberger Alle and the A562 is the state authority building built in the 1970s, which has been largely vacant since 2016. A property purchase agreement was negotiated with the state of NRW and coordinated within the administration. In addition to retail and residential space and a daycare center, the site could also accommodate a technical town hall for the city administration and other municipal and/or cultural uses. 


The purchase agreement for the site of the old slaughterhouse, Immenburgstr. 20, was concluded with Stadtwerke in 2022. This means that Stadtwerke now has the necessary planning certainty to be able to press ahead quickly with the development of the entire site called "Innovationsdreieck" together with Bauprojekt ehem. Güterbahnhof GmbH & Co. KG and other project participants. In addition to office space, an event hall is also planned for the Immenburgstrasse site. The site still occupied by the event hall is to be relocated to another location in the northern part of the site.

Windeck Bunker

The administration commissions a feasibility study which, taking into account the requirements of monument law, determines the necessary structural measures and prepares an initial cost and time forecast. On the basis of the feasibility study, a concept is to be developed for the rededication of the Windeck Bunker as a public place of commemoration and discourse. The adjacent green space with playground is currently being redesigned and upgraded on behalf of the city.

Victoria Square

The Viktoriakarree is to be given over to a mixed use of culture, housing, education, gastronomy and stores. A planning office has been commissioned to prepare a feasibility study. A forum of knowledge is to be realized for the university on the urban subareas, including the former swimming pool. For this purpose, the areas will be sold to the state of NRW. In the remaining area, in accordance with the development plan yet to be drawn up, residential buildings will be developed, as well as some commercial and gastronomic facilities on the first floor.

Old city garden

On the part of the city, talks are being held with the Montag Foundation, among others. On the site of the old city nursery in Bonn-Dransdorf, a public welfare-oriented neighborhood development is to be created, including the existing Biostation. Taking environmental aspects into account, residential development is also to be considered.

At the Vogelsang

A mix of around 320 subsidized and privately financed apartments, including a daycare center, is to be built over the next few years on the site of the former sports field in Bonn-Endenich between Siemensstrasse and "Am Probsthof". The city concluded the purchase agreement with the housing associations Wohnbau GmbH and VEBOWAG in 2020. This year, work began on clearing the construction site and on sewer construction.

Bornheim-Alfter-Bonn commuter bike route

In implementation of the "Emission-free city center" funding project, the real estate administration has been acquiring numerous private sites required for the bike path or has been granted rights of use for the purpose of expanding the Bornheim-Alfter-Bonn bike commuter route since 2020. This land acquisition is being driven forward. 

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Rental and leasing matters

The use of the farmed areas is broadly diversified. The company currently manages around 2,000 leases. These range from the leasing of more than 200 parking spaces to grazing land and agricultural leases, leases for commercial use, sports clubs and the temporary use of municipal land by companies, to the management of leasehold contracts. The department is also responsible for managing the leases of apartments owned by the city's dependent foundations. Ensuring that the areas under management are safe for traffic is a steadily growing focus of the department's work.

Important projects

Businesses of a commercial nature

As the owner, the Federal City of Bonn maintains, among other things, four restaurants as so-called businesses of a commercial nature (BgA), such as the Brückenforum, among others. Due to the financial situation of the city, the provision of concessionable premises is only possible in close cooperation with the administration as well as in a good and trusting relationship with the operators.

City Hall Bad Godesberg

The Bad Godesberg municipal hall is in great need of refurbishment. The administration has commissioned a company to draw up a concept for its future use. The park halls of the Stadthalle Bad Godesberg can be used for interim operations from May 2022 until the start of refurbishment. The city administration was able to win a local event management company for event management during the interim operation.

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