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Demographic development

Bonn grows by 1,306 inhabitants

According to the updated census results from 2011, the official number of inhabitants for the city of Bonn at the end of 2021 is 331,885. Compared to the end of 2020, the population has increased by 1,306 inhabitants or 0.4 percent.

As in the past, the population growth can be based on a positive balance of people moving in and out: As a result, Bonn was able to gain a total of 1,384 inhabitants in 2021. IT.NRW refers here to methodological changes and the switch to a new statistical processing method in migration statistics. The natural population movement, i.e. the balance of births and deaths, has been consistently positive in Bonn since 1987 and in 2021 there will also be an increase of around 249 inhabitants.

Municipal data

Parallel to the collection of official figures by IT.NRW, the statistics office of the city of Bonn generates the "municipal" population figures on the basis of the civil register. At the end of 2021, the statistics office counts a total of 335,975 Bonn residents with sole or main residence in the city according to statistical analysis of the civil register data. Compared to the previous year, the population has increased by +2,181 persons, which corresponds to a growth of approximately +0.7 percent.

The current population figure does not include a total of 1,995 people who were living in a transitional or initial reception facility for migrants run by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia or the city of Bonn as of the reporting date. Furthermore, 4,869 people who were listed in the population register as having a secondary residence as of the reporting date are not included in the statistically relevant population figure.

Population forecast: plus 8.8 percent by 2050

According to the new population forecast of the State Statistical Office IT.NRW, which is based on the update of the 2011 census, Bonn will also grow significantly in the longer term. According to this, the number of inhabitants will increase from 330,579 to 359,562 between January 1, 2021 and January 1, 2050, which corresponds to a growth of 28,983 persons in absolute terms or +8.8 percent in percentage terms.

This means that Bonn is predicted to have the strongest population growth of all cities and districts in NRW. But the other cities along the Rhine also have an advantage here. Cologne (+5.0 percent) and Düsseldorf (+4.2 percent) are also expected to grow. In contrast, the population in NRW as a whole will decline, with a decrease of minus 1.7 percent expected by 2050. According to the IT.NRW forecast, the Rhein-Sieg district, which surrounds Bonn, will also lose a slight amount of population. The number of inhabitants will fall by around 1.0 percent from 600,375 to 594,176.

Mr. Dr. Matthias Schönert