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City management and retail

Attractive shopping city

Bonn's city center is the main center of the Bonn/Rhein-Sieg/Ahrweiler region. Its catchment area extends from Much to Rheinbach and from Wesseling to Remagen. At the same time, it is the A center of the city of Bonn in terms of the retail trade and center concept; the three downstream B centers are Bad Godesberg, Beuel and Duisdorf. All four centers are characterized by a high quality of stay and a diverse range of restaurants and retail outlets.

High purchasing power and employment

According to MB Research, the population in the Bonn/Rhein-Sieg region had a general purchasing power of around €24.7 billion in 2021, of which Bonn accounted for €9.0 billion. Per capita, the general purchasing power of the Bonn population was €26,925, around €870 higher than the purchasing power in the Rhein-Sieg district at €26,055. The purchasing power index for the city of Bonn was 110.1 points (Rhein-Sieg district: 106.5), well above the national average (= 100 points). On June 30, 2021, a total of 14,334 employees subject to social insurance contributions were working in Bonn's retail sector. Compared with the previous year, this represents a decrease of -2.6 or 347 employees.

Consequences of the Corona Pandemic

The Corona pandemic, with its outwardly visible manifestations such as lockdowns, access restrictions in stores and restaurants, mandatory masks, etc., has contributed significantly to an acceleration of developments that could already be observed before:

  • Retail sales growth has occurred almost exclusively online,
  • former retail space has been given over to other uses, especially hospitality.

Frequencies of passers-by in the city center of Bonn

Since May 2018, there have been three frequency measurement systems ( (opens in a new tab)) in downtown Bonn that count the moving people around the clock. The City Management of the Economic Development Department regularly evaluates this data, which is freely available on the Internet. The data is a very good basis for observing the frequencies both during the course of the day and over a longer period of time: (opens in a new tab)

Figure shows the development of pedestrian* numbers from 2019 (green), 2020 (purple), 2021 (red) to En-de June 2022 (light blue): With the first lockdown, the number of passers-by dropped significantly and has not fully recovered until today

No serious increase in vacancies

No serious increase in store vacancies has been observed either in downtown Bonn or in the urban district centers of Bad Godesberg, Beuel and Hardtberg. Vacancies that have arisen - whether due to the Corona pandemic or for other reasons - have been and are being rapidly reoccupied with new uses.

Mr. Arnulf Marquardt-Kuron