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Smart City Bonn - project examples

In the following, some concrete measures and projects with the involvement of the business development agency are listed as examples.


Application for 2nd season "Smart Cities made in Germany"

The Federal City of Bonn makes intensive use of federal and state funding competitions to implement innovative project ideas. In May 2020, Bonn submitted project ideas to the second season of 'Smart Cities made in Germany' of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Homeland Affairs (BMI). The aim of the BMI funding is to support local authorities in recognising the opportunities offered by digitisation and to strategically face the associated challenges. The aim of the application is to work with the City of Bonn as coordinator and advocate of the common good, together with the city society, to develop a comprehensive integrated approach "Digital City" which does not yet exist. In the sense of an open governance process, the growth of the city is to be managed in a socially, ecologically and economically sustainable manner, making use of the digital opportunities

Funding of the concept phase within the framework of the "5G Innovation Competition of the BMVI".

Against the background of the special function of the city of Bonn as a UNO location, Bonn submitted an application for funding to the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure within the framework of the "5G Innovation Competition" on the topic of "5G-based applications for efficient, value-added and climate-neutral management of large conferences & events in Bonn" and was awarded 100 percent concept funding. In a Design Thinking Workshop in May 2020, stakeholders from different industries involved in the implementation of large events were invited to develop possible user-oriented 5G use cases. The funding project ends at the end of August 2020, after which it will be decided whether the concept submitted will be eligible for further implementation funding.

Broadband expansion

The broadband expansion projects to supply Bonn with fiber optic technology include the city's successful participation in two funding procedures, the so-called "Flächenantrag" and a further special call for proposals in the industrial parks, schools and hospitals. Both programs have different funding characteristics, but are aimed at the same goal of providing private households, businesses and public institutions with future-proof data lines. Last but not least, this is also a basic infrastructural prerequisite for operating "next generation access" in the form of 5G. 

In addition to the subsidized expansion, it is important to create incentives for the self-financed expansion of the fiber optic infrastructure by the telecommunications companies participating in the market. Bonn's Mayor Ashok Sridharan and Deutsche Telekom CEO Tim Höttges have signed a letter of intent to expand more than 12,300 households in the Nordstadt district of Bonn with fiber optic connections right into the home (Fiber To The Home/FTTH). The expansion, which will be financed exclusively by Deutsche Telekom, will use state-of-the-art fiber-optic technology from the exchange to the home. The aim is for Bonn to be a digital model city throughout Germany in terms of infrastructure.

In summary, broadband supply does not only mean the supply of glass fiber, but glass fiber supply is the basis for other lighthouse projects, such as Education in the Digital World and Digital City. All in all, this will ensure the future viability of Bonn as a science / business and UN location on its way to becoming the future "Smartest City in NRW".

Digital Hub Bonn Region

The state of NRW supports so-called DWNRW Hubs as centres of the digital economy in Aachen, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Münster and the Ruhr area. The Digital Hub Region Bonn, located at the Bonner Bogen, has been operated since 2017 with the support of the State of NRW and many private and public partners and shareholders. As an accelerator and incubator, the hub supports young, digitally-oriented start-ups and founders with financing, infrastructure, mentoring & coaching and a unique network. The City of Bonn supports the hub with an annual earmarked donation for the period 2017-2022, is a member of the supervisory and advisory board and cooperates with the hub, e.g. within the framework of the start-up grant of the State of NRW, as well as with events and networks.

Cyber Security Cluster Bonn

With the foundation of the "Cyber Security Cluster Bonn e.V." in October 2018, Bonn has expanded its importance as a location for security. The association bundles all security institutions active in the region under one roof. On 13 and 14 March 2019, the Cyber Security Cluster Bonn held the Cyber Security Tech Summit Europe for the first time at the World Conference Center Bonn with 1,760 participants. Due to the current corona pandemic, the 2nd Cyber Security Tech Summit Europe 2020 will take place on August 20 as an online conference. Under the motto "How can we immunize society against cyber attacks", the latest developments for improving cyber security in business and society will be presented. In addition, a wide variety of topics will be addressed. One central project, for example, is the establishment of a "Secure Digital City Bonn" as a pilot project for a district-related secure digital infrastructure. In addition, the Cyber Security Cluster Bonn e.V. has established the independent Council of Eminent Persons for Cyber Security 2019. It consists of six renowned professors from the most important Clusters of Excellence in Germany. The Council of Eminent Persons published its first report on urgent issues of digital security on 24 June 2020 and submitted it to the Federal Government (available on the association's homepage).

Dialogue for Cyber Security

To promote the exchange of information on cyber security issues and make Bonn better known as a location for IT security, the Fraunhofer Institute for Communication, Information Processing and Ergonomics (FKIE) and Deutsche Telekom launched the Bonn Dialogue on Cyber Security (BDCS) in April 2013. The City of Bonn and the Bonn/Rhine-Sieg Chamber of Industry and Commerce are co-organizers of the events. In July 2019, the 12th edition took place with the topic "Data Theft, Doxing & Leaks - How do we regain control over our data? 

Center of the geo industry

The geoinformation industry also continues to be an important economic sector of the IuK sector. In the Bonn region, the geo industry is represented to a special degree and across all company sizes. The geo sector is a cross-sectional industry, as the services and products it produces are extremely versatile and can be used in a wide variety of areas. The geoinformation network of science, research, economy and administration, which was already founded in 2004, is supported by the economic development and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bonn/Rhein-Sieg with various formats: After the first successful season of the geomentoring programme, the second season was launched at the end of 2019 with 16 mentees and mentors. 

In December 2019 the 8th Geodialogue took place with the title "Bonn - excellent and digital". The Smart City Strategy of the City of Bonn was presented by Friedrich Fuß, CDO of the City of Bonn. The other main focus of the evening in the "Alte Kirche" of the Leoninum was on professors Dr. Cyrill Stachniss and Dr. Heiner Kuhlmann, who presented the University of Bonn's cluster of excellence "PhenoRob". PhenoRob is the only cluster in the agricultural sector in Germany and is therefore a unique selling point for Bonn. The 8th Geodialogue made it very clear that on the one hand GeoIT still represents a unique selling point for the Bonn IT location. On the other hand, it was shown that geo-business is an important building block of the Smart City Bonn. 

Mr. Dr. Ulrich Ziegenhagen
Abteilungsleitung, Stellvertretende Amtsleitung, Manager Digitale Stadt
Mr. Thomas Poggenpohl
Mr. Vincent Weng

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