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February 22, 2019

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Economic Profile Bonn


Luftbild von Bonn  © Stadt Bonn

In the last 15-20 years, Bonn has successfully engineered a transition from mainly governmental functions to an internationally competitive business structure. This process is driven by the group of companies ranked in the German stock index DAX and further 16,000 small and medium-sized enterprises. Dynamic technology clusters have emerged as a result of the close exchange between business and science, for example in the field of information and communication technologies and the health sector. As the German United Nations City, hosting 18 UN organisations, Bonn has developed a new international profile. The strong growth in the knowledge-intensive services as well as the close interaction between the city and the business and science communities make Bonn particularly attractive. These assets are being recognised by an increasing number of people: Experts predict that Bonn - the City of Beethoven on the Rhine - will see the highest population growth of all cities and counties in Nordrhein-Westfalen.

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Summarized information about the "Business Location Bonn" in PDF-brochure.

Economic Profile 2017 [PDF, 1732 KB]
file: irtschaftsstandort_bonn/index.html?lang=en&download=M3wBUQCu%2F8ulmKDu36WenojQ1NTTjaXZnqWfVp3Uhmfhnapmm c7Zi6rZnqCkkIR6hHmBbKbXrZ2lhtTN34al3p6YrY7P1oah162apo3X1cjYh 2%2BhoJRn6w%3D%3D

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