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January 19, 2019

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United Nations University - Vice Rectorate in Europe - Sustainable Cycles (UNU-ViE SCYCLE)


SCYCLE aims to enable societies to reduce the environmental burden caused by the production, consumption and disposal of ubiquitous goods.
Since January 2016 the newly established Sustainable Cycles (SCYCLE) Programme is hosted by the UNU Vice-Rectorate in Europe.

SCYCLE’s mandate is the promotion of sustainable societies. Its activities are focused on the development of sustainable production, consumption and disposal patterns for electrical and electronic equipment (EEE), as well as for other ubiquitous goods. As such, SCYCLE leads the global e-waste discussion and advances sustainable e-waste management strategies based on life-cycle thinking.

Concretely SCYCLE fosters solutions-oriented dialogues, cooperation and consensus. Within this context SCYCLE:

  • conducts research on eco-structuring towards sustainable societies;
  • develops interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder public-private partnerships;
  • assists governments in developing e-waste legislation and s tandards, meeting a growing need for such support;
  • undertakes education, training and capacity development;
  • facilitates and disseminates practical, science-based recommendations to the United Nations and its agencies, governments, scholars, industry and the public.

(Source: UN Bonn Information)

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