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May 27, 2016

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United Nations in Bonn


United Nations in Bonn: For Sustainable Development Worldwide

Bonn has succeeded over the past decade to shape for itself a new profile as the German United Nations City and a centre of international dialogue on key issues of the future. A visible symbol of this development is the UN Campus.

United Nations Campus
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The Campus provides to the UN organisations ideal working conditions and an environment rich in synergies. A special advantage is the close vicinity to the International Congress Centre and to many other important partners. Bonn provides an excellent environment for co-operative action and for short-cut contacts. UN organisations, Federal Ministries and Federal Agencies, about 150 non-governmental organisations, research institutions and the resident economic global players determine the character of Bonn as an international location. Increasingly, the City is turning into a hub whose actors focus on the issues of sustainable and humane development.

United Nations organisations in Bonn
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Chronology - The United Nations in Bonn
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United Nations Regional Information Centre for Western Europe

United Nations

The Bonn-based UN organisations hold annual international conferences on their spheres of operation at their home base. Major World Conferences took also place in Bonn, such as the annual UN Climate Conferences, the 39th session of the World Heritage Committee 2015, the International Conference for Renewable Energies, the 3rd International Early Warning Conference (Early Warning III) and the UN Conference on Biological Diversity.

UN Events in Bonn
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'UN in Bonn - working towards sustainable development world-wide'

Mayor Sridharan contributes video campaign in support of Paris Agreement Signing

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon had invited Heads of State and Government to come to New York on 22 April to sign the historic Paris Climate Change Agreement clinched last year. Under the agreement, 195 nations have agreed to combat climate change and to unleash actions and investment towards a low-carbon, resilient and sustainable future.

Ahead of the signing event, the UN are launching a social media campaign to build support. The Statement of Ashok Sridharan, Mayor of Bonn:

SWF-Video [flv]

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