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November 18, 2017

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Getting Involved in the World Climate Conference - Bonn - a Region for Science and Research


The city’s programme of events during the United Nations’ climate conference is enormous. Bonn, as a region for science and research, is also represented with an exciting range of events which invite residents and visitors alike, to discover more about the science and research institutions’ diverse projects concerning climate change.
Climate change is now considered to be one of the most important global challenges of the 21st century. It will change life on our planet permanently. The fight for water reserves and food, social upheaval, population migration and extreme weather events can lead not only to economic losses, but also threaten the security of entire nations.
Science has a fundamental role to play in researching climate change and its resulting impacts: the main focus of the research is not only on the creation of climate models, but also on studies regarding its possible impacts on the global economy and society, on possible ways to reduce greenhouse gases and on adaptation strategies regarding climate change.
Bonn, a region for research and science, will be offering numerous events as part of its active involvement in the World Climate Conference. In preparing for the programme of events, the international liaison office for science in Bonn (Liaison Office Internationale Wissenschaft der Stadt Bonn) organised a round table discussion, during which scientific institutions could present their plans, network with each other and also launch some joint projects. A range of more than 30 events ensued. Many of which were awarded the status of "Official Climate Partner” of COP23.
The synergies achieved through the regular planning meetings should improve the visibility of climate change research in the Bonn region and also help to avoid conflicting schedules.

Science and Climate: More than 30 events for COP23

Scientists from the University of Bonn will contribute to the German Science Hour in the German Pavilion and at other locations in the Bonn Zone on the conference site. Here it is intended that the presentations and discussion events and also the innovative formats serve as catalysts for dialogue between delegates, scientists and representatives of NGOs.
Far greater still is the range of science events available for those living in Bonn. The national art gallery (Bundeskunsthalle) is on the trail of weather phenomena with its creatively crafted and scientifically prepared exhibition "Weather Report About Weather Culture and Climate Science”. From the 7th November, in the German Museum Bonn (Deutsches Museum Bonn) it is all about "Hydrogen - the Fuel of the Future”. In the Alexander Koenig Research Museum (Forschungsmuseum Alexander Koenig) as well as in the botanical gardens everything revolves around "Climate and Biodiversity”. The exhibition and events by the Bonn-based Global Crop Diversity Trust, focus on "Crop Diversity and Adapting to Climate Change”. However, the topics of "Renewable Energies” and the "USA and its Climate Policies” will also be examined.

The German Development Institute has declared its function room in Tulpenfeld to be the Interconnections Zone and during the conference is laying on more than 40 side events there. In conjunction with the Year of Science, The Federal Ministry of Education and Research is also represented through their light and sound installations in the centre of Bonn, on the topic of "Seas and Oceans”, displaying replicas of oceanic landscapes and video productions.

More Information can be found at the City of Bonn´s event schedule
URL: tungskalender/veranstaltungssuche/index.html?recherchestart= 1&search_text=Suchbegriff+eingeben&veranstaltung_kategorie%5 B%5D=88

Last update: October 30, 2017



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