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City Twinnings


City Twinnings and Project Partnerships, Municipal Exchange of Experience and Municipal Development Co-operation

Direct co-operation between local governments all over the world is gaining increasing importance - not only due to advanced communication but also due to global relevance of many issues, especially as regards the environment.

The City of Bonn has contracted various types of partnership agreements over the past decades:

Twinning Agreement with Potsdam and Friendship Agreement with Tel Aviv (Israel)

A friendship agreement exists between the City of Bonn and Tel Aviv since 1983.
A twinning agreement joins Bonn, former residence of the court of the Cologne Prince Elector, to Potsdam, former principal residence of the Prussian court, since 1988.

Twinning Agreements of the Districts of Bonn

Downtown Bonn is surrounded by a number of districts with a history of their own and which were independent municipalities until a few decades ago. As many of these municipalities had established their own contacts and concluded their own twinnings before local government reorganisation present-day Bonn entertains a tight-knit network of twinnings with municipalities in other European countries.

Bonn Innenstadt (Inner City) maintains twinnings with the English university city of Oxford and a district of Budapest as well as contacts to Poland.

Bad Godesberg, the ancient resort town, today a district of Bonn, is twinned with St. Cloud in France, Frascati in Italy, Windsor-Maidenhead in England and Kortrijk/Courtrai in Belgium. A friendship agreement has been contracted with Yalova in Turkey.

The District of Beuel on the right bank of the Rhine and the District of Hardtberg cultivate twinnings with the French towns of Mirecourt and Villemomble respectively.

All of these twinnings feature a lively interchange in the spirit of international understanding which is implemented by schools, clubs and societies.

Project Partnerships
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