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January 18, 2018

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Throughout its history, Bonn has had a European imprint, not only owing to its 'Europeans'. Robert Schuman, trailblazer of the European Union, studied law in Bonn. The 9th Symphony of Bonn’s most famous son, Ludwig van Beethoven, has become familiar to virtually everyone as the European anthem.

Present-day Bonn is the seat of numerous European research and education institutions which focus on the political, legal, cultural and economic integration of Europe. Several programme offices and contact points of European support programmes are located in Bonn. The Representation of the European Commission in Germany also has an office of its own in Bonn. Moreover, many European players, associations, country societies as well as language and cultural institutions are based here.

The City of Bonn is itself a member of various European city networks, such as

  • the Council of Municipalities and Regions of Europe (CMRE).
  • EUROCITIES - a network of major European cities exceeding 250,000 inhabitants and
  • various working groups on issues of European policy.

The City conducts activities with respect to European issues, organises pertinent series of events and participates in European support programmes. It informs citizens, action groups, societies, clubs and organisations with respect to European developments and encourages citizens to get involved with Europe.


Stadt Bonn
Vorstandsreferat für internationale Angelegenheiten und Repräsentation
Stefan Wagner
Phone: 0049 (0) 228 - 773500

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