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March 23, 2019

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Taking Bonn abroad: Nomination of Bonn Ambassadors


Germany-wide as well as abroad, the City of Bonn stands for internationality and economic potential. Bonn as international location sends out signals for sustainable development and cooperation into the world. As a location for business, the city is characterized by innovation and strong economic potential.

In both of these areas, local personalities have been found whose reputation and international networks are excellent and whose opinion easily makes its weight felt.

Mayor Nimptsch nominated the first selected personalities as Bonn Ambassadors in July 2014. Ambassadors that have been awarded this title receive their official certificates of appointment from the Mayor of Bonn in Bonn’s Old Town Hall.

When communicating with their counterparts or traveling abroad, these personalities will learn about new ideas and projects first-hand. Owing to their excellent contacts, they can bring up the City of Bonn during the initial planning phase of relocation processes or new settlements, or for future cooperation and conferences. And they are willing to do so.

In 2014, Mayor Nimptsch recognized this commitment with the nomination of Bonn Business Ambassadors and Bonn International Ambassadors respectively, asking Bonn’s Ambassadors to continue advocating the City of Bonn, thereby actively supporting the future development of Bonn as international city and business location.

With their informal and honorary commitment for Bonn, the Ambassadors especially make use of a bonus in terms of sympathy and competence, which will consolidate locational marketing in favor of Bonn’s future economic and international development. They will be supported by respective points of contact within Bonn’s city administration.

International Ambassadors
URL: onn_international/bonn_botschafter/16673/index.html?lang=en

Business Ambassadors
URL: onn_international/bonn_botschafter/16674/index.html?lang=en

Last update: September 5, 2018



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