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March 25, 2019

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Urban Development Planning


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Development planning on the local level uses different planning tools as on the regional or the federal level. These are applied, according to the respective spatial sizes, to the city as a whole but also to concrete building projects. Amongst the local planning tools, the ‘Urban development planning - SEP’ represents in the broadest sense an overall integrative planning for the whole City.

Its objective is - taking into account the existing triangle of forces within the city’s society formed by ‘politics’, ‘citizens’ and ‘administration’ as well as the corresponding concrete interests, values and political concepts - to work towards a sustainable urban development; in addition it has to specify development opportunities, leeway and limits and to offer proposals for implementation possibilities. SEP has to focus also on where within the city territory areas should be developed.

So urban development identifies with sustainability and considers social, environmental and economic issues in a mutual way.

The path leading towards a sustainable urban development is accompanied by guideline mottoes, urban development concepts as well as projects within the action frames of SEP, like for instance housing programmes. The overall leitmotiv is to integrate as early as possible the highest possible number of social groups into the planning process by means of open dialogue and discussion.

SEP defines a comprehensive and integrative action framework for politics and is at the same time a monitoring instrument for specialised planning to come.

Urban development is always targeted towards the development of the entire city, but, with a view to the growing interconnections with the environs, includes more and more the cooperation with the surrounding region.

The demand to be associated with the planning and design processes in Bonn has considerably increased these last years. In order to continually be able to attend discussions and follow processes of opinion forming, the interested and committed citizens need profound information on current planning processes and development measures.

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