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March 25, 2019

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Local Agenda


The agenda for all of us

Who does not know one's tables of ecological behaviour: lower your water consumption, save energy, go by bike, bus or train, separate your waste, buy with less packaging. But did you know that this well known behaviour is a very important contribution to a way of life according to the agenda 21? It is not important which of the tips below you will follow - important is that you do join in!

Join in!
Inform yourself!
Participate in the discussion!
Take part in a working group!
Design your city!

What does agenda 21 signify for Bonn?

In chapter 28 of the agenda 21 cities and local authorities are invited to actively contribute to its implementation. All the citizens of Bonn are called upon for helping to build up a sustainable development of their city. The path of local agenda 21 is no longer only an issue of economy or of environmental policy. It is about a new vision aiming at a world wide social justice and thus demanding in the long run the reconciliation between ecology and economy. The Federal City of Bonn also has organised a local agenda 21 and elaborates an action plan for Bonn in order to contribute to implement the Rio mandate. Therefore we need new ideas and new approaches aplenty.

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