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March 25, 2019

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This information is available only in German.

Current water levels and forecast:

Water level Bonn - updated every 15 minutes (homepage available in German only)

Analysis of water levels (homepage available in German only)

Flooding report for the Middle Rhine (homepage available in German only)

Water level - short message service for mobile phones

The beautiful and idyllic major river Rhine, with its banks where Bonn is located, may also be malicious. Most of the residents do not only know romantic stories to tell about the river, but also something about its threatening characteristics: They tell about the high water marks of the years 1993 and 1995, both exceeding the 10 metre water level of Bonn. Those hours are dramatic ones for all residents concerned. The disaster attracts lots of onlookers, who constrain the assistant work.

The following links are available in German only - for more details
please contact us at +49 228 - 71 70

  • Rhine River Flood Water
    URL: hwasser/rheinhochwasser/index.html?lang=en

Those who are living close to the river Rhine have to anticipate flooding. Therefore we have collected useful information and instructions about the assistance service of the city of Bonn and other institutions, to enable you to prepare yourself for this situation as good as possible.

The "overview of the dimension of a flooding with a 10 metre water level Bonn (map 1-17)" mentioned in the brochure is included in the floodingmap below.

Flooding map (homepage available in German only)
URL:,H ochwasser-10mBonnerPegel&minX=2578455&minY=5623047&scale=100 00&set=4_2_1_0

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