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June 24, 2018

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Emergency medical services (EMS)


According to the law, the Federal City of Bonn is the responsible body for public emergency medical services. The municipality provides all its inhabitants with patient transportation and emergency medical services, including the services of emergency physicians.

The Responsible Body
URL: erwehr_und_rettungsdienst/rettungsdienst/traeger/index.html? lang=en

URL: erwehr_und_rettungsdienst/rettungsdienst/partner/index.html? lang=en

Emergency physician service
URL: erwehr_und_rettungsdienst/rettungsdienst/notarztdienst/index .html?lang=en

Emergency response
URL: erwehr_und_rettungsdienst/rettungsdienst/notfallrettung/inde x.html?lang=en

Qualified patient transport
URL: erwehr_und_rettungsdienst/rettungsdienst/krankentransport/in dex.html?lang=en

Control Centre for Fire and rescue Service, Emergency Medical Services and Disaster Preparedness
URL: erwehr_und_rettungsdienst/feuerwehr/berufsfeuerwehr/04137/in dex.html?lang=en

Mass casualties
URL: erwehr_und_rettungsdienst/rettungsdienst/grossschadenslage/i ndex.html?lang=en

Qualification / Basic and Advanced Training
URL: erwehr_und_rettungsdienst/rettungsdienst/ausbildung/ ml?lang=en

URL: erwehr_und_rettungsdienst/rettungsdienst/praktikum/index.htm l?lang=en

Billing for EMS
URL: erwehr_und_rettungsdienst/rettungsdienst/rettungsdienstgebue hren/index.html?lang=en

Emergency Medical Service - the history
URL: erwehr_und_rettungsdienst/rettungsdienst/historie/index.html ?lang=de

Our contingency planning is kept up to date regularly by the municipality as the responsible body. Among other things, this document determines the so-called response time. This means that when you call the emergency phone number "112" from anywhere within the city limits, in more than 90 % of all cases an EMS vehicle will be with you within 8 minutes.
The City of Bonn emergency medical services cover the whole territory of Bonn as well as certain parts of the neighbouring communities of Wachtberg and Alfter.

Last update: January 24, 2017



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