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February 16, 2019

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Fire and Rescue Service


Feuerwehreinsatz © Stadt Bonn, Feuerwehr

Rettungsdienst © Stadt Bonn, Feuerwache 1

The City Council of Bonn is required by law to provide, equip and maintain an efficient Fire and Rescue Service. The Fire and Rescue Service is responsible for fire
suppression and for providing assistance in all kinds of emergencies. It also works to prevent fire, and to minimise the effects of fire if it occurs, through Fire Prevention
initiatives. Preparing for disaster and disaster management is also the responsibility of the Fire and Rescue Service.

  • Whole-time Fire and Rescue Service
    URL: erwehr_und_rettungsdienst/feuerwehr/berufsfeuerwehr/ ml?lang=en
  • Volunteer fire brigade
    URL: erwehr_und_rettungsdienst/feuerwehr/freiwillige_feuerwehr/in dex.html?lang=en
  • Young firefighters
    URL: erwehr_und_rettungsdienst/feuerwehr/jugendfeuerwehr/ ml?lang=en
  • Civil protection
    URL: erwehr_und_rettungsdienst/feuerwehr/bevoelkerungsschutz/inde x.html?lang=en
  • Technical Support and Equipment Department
    URL: erwehr_und_rettungsdienst/feuerwehr/feuerwehrtechnik/index.h tml?lang=en
  • Training
    URL: erwehr_und_rettungsdienst/feuerwehr/ausbildung/index.html?la ng=en
  • History
    URL: erwehr_und_rettungsdienst/feuerwehr/04284/index.html?lang=en

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