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December 18, 2017

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Response Unit 41: Duisdorf


Am Burgweiher 47 - 49
53123 Bonn
Tel. +49-0228 - 71 74 15

City map: Response Unit 41: Duisdorf, Am Burgweiher 47- 49
City map: Burgweiher&hausnummer=47& mitteX=&mitteY=& label=&kartentyp=Stadtplan& width=1004&height=748& scale=3000&marker=1& font=Verdana&fontcolor=5D93B2& fontsize=14&pagecolor=DEEBF7& navigation=2 (homepage available in German only)

Unit Commanders:
BI Alexander Pfahl
HBM Dietmar Rau

Thursdays, 7.00 p.m.

Turntable ladder DLK 23/12
Pumper LF 16/12
Pumper LF 10/10
Pumper LF 16 TS
Generator trailer NAE
Field kitchen trailer FKH

*[all call signs (e.g. ELW) are derived from the German
vehicle designation]

Last update: January 17, 2014



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