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January 16, 2019

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Fire Station 1 (Bonn-Zentrum)


Wachabteilung 1 B der Feuerwache 1 © Stadt Bonn


Lievelingsweg 112
53119 Bonn

Station Commander:

BAR Horst Neffgen
Tel. +49 0228 - 71 71 47
e-mail address:


  • 3 watches each with 31 officers ensure round-the-clock availability.
  • The minimum crewing levels at fire station 1 are:
    18 whole-time staff from Fire and Rescue Service
    2 medical staff from Arbeiter-Samarioter-Bund (relief organisation) (24h)
    2 medical staff from Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (relief organisation) (12h)
    2 medical staff from Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (relief organisation) (12h)
  • In addition, 5 control centre staff and 2 Incident Commanders are on duty
  • To ensure the emergency doctor service an emergency physician is seconded by the hospital and outpatient department of anaesthesiology and surgical intensive care of the university hospital of Bonn


  • Administrative centre of the Fire and Rescue Service and the Emergency Medical Services
  • Chief Fire Officer
  • Director of Medical Services
  • Staff association
  • Administration, Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Medical Services Department
  • Operations, Organisation and Personnel Department
  • Fire Prevention Department
  • Technical Support and Equipment Department
  • Control Centre for Fire and rescue Service, Emergency Medical Services and Disaster Preparedness
  • Tactical Command Centre
  • Administrative Command Centre
  • Emergency Medical Services “ central store and disinfection
  • Vehicle workshops
  • Communications workshop
  • Breathing apparatus workshop and breathing apparatus training course
  • Clothing store and tailorin
  • Equipment store
  • Hose repair and maintenance workshop
  • Laundry and consumable goods store

After a construction period of three years Fire Station 1 was commissioned in 1973. It substituted the former fire station on the Maxstraße on the site of the current town


  • 5 command cars “ small
  • 3 passenger cars
  • 3 command cars “ medium ELW 1
  • 1 personnel carrier MTF
  • Rescue pump HLF 20/16
  • Turntable ladder DLK 23/12
  • Water tender TLF 20/40
  • Heavy rescue vehicle “ with retractable bogies for use on rail network RW S
  • Mobile crane KW
  • 2 hookloader (prime mover for demountable pods) WLF
  • Demountable incident command pod
  • Demountable breathing apparatus pod
  • Demountable water tender
  • Demountable railway rescue pod
  • Demountable mass-casualty pod ManV
  • Logistical support vehicle
  • 2 trucks
  • 2 communications cars
  • 3 emergency physician response vehicles NEF
  • 2 standby emergency physician response vehicles
  • 5 emergency ambulances RTW
  • 5 standby emergency ambulances
  • Rescue tender “ Emergency Medical Services GW Rett
    *[all call signs (e.g. ELW) are derived from the German


Visiting a fire station
URL: erwehr_und_rettungsdienst/feuerwehr/berufsfeuerwehr/04119/in dex.html?lang=en

How to get there:

City map: City map: Fire Station 1, Lievelingsweg 112
City map: mitteX=&mitteY=& label=&kartentyp=Stadtplan& width=1004&height=748& scale=3000&marker=1& font=Verdana&fontcolor=5D93B2& fontsize=14&pagecolor=DEEBF7& navigation=2

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Last update: October 5, 2017



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