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Political Bonn - the erstwhile capital


Bonn was the seat of Government and capital of the Federal Republic of Germany for almost 50 years. The former district of Parliament and Government is considered a symbol of the first successful German democracy. This district, nowadays known as the ‘Federal Quarter’ (Bundesviertel), reflects Bonn’s fundamental change from the hub of politics to a location of international business and service companies. The ‘Post Tower’, corporate headquarters of Deutsche Post, is a prominent landmark symbolising this development.

Many buildings in the ‘Federal Quarter’, familiar from the political past, continue to fulfil important functions. The former Plenary Chamber of Parliament (‘Bundestag’) and the buildings of the erstwhile waterworks (‘Altes Wasserwerk’) serve as an international conference centre. What used to be the office building of the Members of Parliament plus a few adjacent buildings is the UN Campus of today. Bonn was appointed the German UN City in 1996.
Deutsche Welle, the German international broadcaster, airs its programmes in 30 languages from its headquarters in the ‘Federal Quarter’.

Villa Hammerschmidt © Foto: Michael Sondermann/Bundesstadt Bonn
| blown up version : Villa Hammerschmidt © Foto: Michael Sondermann/Bundesstadt Bonn
Villa Hammerschmidt

Following the ‘Path of Democracy’ you will learn interesting facts about the history, the changes and the present-day functions of this district. Boards at various stops along the way provide information about relevant places.

Weg der Demokratie / Path of Democracy (in German and English)

If you wish to learn more about post-war German history we recommend a visit to the House of the History of the Federal Republic of Germany (Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland). Entry is free.

Homepage Haus der Geschichte in Bonn

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