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The scenic hills of the Siebengebirge, the forests and natural landscapes of the Rhineland Nature Reserve (‘Naturpark Rheinland’) or the charming Ahr valley - you find in Bonn’s environs a variety of hiking and recreational areas with well-signposted trails of different levels of difficulty.

The northern starting point of the ‘Rheinsteig’ premium hiking trail is right in the city centre. Its first leg begins directly next to Bonn’s ‘front parlour’, the historic Old Town Hall at the market square. With a total length of 320 kilometres (about 200 miles) the trail runs along the right bank of the Rhine upstream to Wiesbaden.
By the way: Rheinsteig hikers can have their hiking passes stamped at the Bonn-Information office.

More information on the ‘Rheinsteig’ premium hiking trail

The Siebengebirge hills, the Rhineland Nature Reserve or the ‘Red Wine Hiking Trail’ (‘Rotweinwanderweg’) along the Ahr river valley are within easy reach from Bonn. There are comfortable connections by suburban tramways or the regional lines of Deutsche Bahn national railways.

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