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March 19, 2019

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Rheinaue Leisure Park


Since its creation for the National Horticultural Show in 1979, the Recreation and Leisure Park has become a landmark of the City and a very popular recreational area. The terrain is located in the geographic heart of Bonn together with the CAESAR research centre and the Post Tower. With its surface of 160 hectares - 125 hectares on the left bank of the Rhine and 35 hectares on the right - it nearly measures up to the size of downtown Bonn.

City map: Herbert-Wehner-Platz, main entrance of the Rheinaue Leisure Park
City map: mitteX=&mitteY=& label=&kartentyp=Stadtplan& width=1004&height=748& scale=3000&marker=1& font=Verdana&fontcolor=5D93B2& fontsize=14&pagecolor=DEEBF7& navigation=2

A network of footpaths with a total length of almost 45 kilometres sprawls across the park. One of the key attractions inviting visitors to undertake a pleasurable boat trip is the Auensee lake with its surface of 15 hectares and six pontoon bridges. Other top attractions are the Japanese Garden, the Garden for the Blind and the Rose Garden as well as the Totem Pole, the Roman Street and the Trail of the Trees of the Year.

  • The Japanese Garden
    URL: ark_rheinaue/00243/index.html?lang=en
  • The apiary
    URL: ark_rheinaue/00240/index.html?lang=en
  • Cascade, Spoon Forest, Roman Street
    URL: ark_rheinaue/00244/index.html?lang=en
  • The Garden for the Blind
    URL: ark_rheinaue/00241/index.html?lang=en
  • The Rheinaue Lake
    URL: ark_rheinaue/00245/index.html?lang=en
  • Gastronomy
    URL: ark_rheinaue/00242/index.html?lang=en
  • The Rose Garden
    URL: ark_rheinaue/00246/index.html?lang=en
  • Totem Pole
    URL: ark_rheinaue/01452/index.html?lang=en
  • Educational Track of the Trees of the Year
    URL: ark_rheinaue/01587/index.html?lang=en
  • History of the Rheinaue Leisure Park
    URL: ark_rheinaue/05846/index.html?lang=en

Plan of the Rheinaue Leisure Park [PDF, 1894 KB]
file: ark_rheinaue/index.html?lang=en&download=M3wBUQCu%2F8ulmKDu36WenojQ1NTTjaXZnqWfVp3Uhmfhnapmm c7Zi6rZnqCkkIN2gHx%2FbKbXrZ2lhtTN34al3p6YrY7P1oah162apo3X1cj Yh2%2BhoJRn6w%3D%3D

Please be considerate towards your fellow visitors in the park, especially when you come as a biker or an inline-skater! Leave all the plants in the park and do not damage them! Put your waste into the bins and keep the barbecue areas clean, thank you!

Last update: October 24, 2018



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