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January 19, 2019

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The apiary


The apiary was completely destroyed by a devastating fire in 2001; it has been reconstructed and been put into service again by the Bonner Bienenzuchtverein e.V (beekeeping club Bonn) in May 2003.

Bee colonies have moved in and now feel at home in their new apiary in the Rheinauen Park. Since the Federal Horticultural Exhibition in 1979, the apiary has not only informed about how to make honey and wax but has also demonstrated the importance of beekeeping in horticulture.

50 to 70 classes per year will now again have the opportunity to hike across the Rheinauen Park in order to learn in practical lessons about natural honey-making and the life of bees. Beekeepers can study in workshops how to increase bee colonies by raising queen bees.


Bonner Bienenzuchtverein 1867 e.V.
Tel: 0228 - 24 01 56 41

Last update: December 11, 2017



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