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An impressive cultural centre has sprung up at the heart of the city, with institutions such as the Bonn Art Museum, the Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Deutsches Museum Bonn (technology), the «Haus der Geschichte» (history of the Federal Republic of Germany) and the Alexander Koenig Zoological Research Institute and Museum.

Bonn Art Museum © Foto: Michael Sondermann/Bundesstadt Bonn
| blown up version : Bonn Art Museum © Foto: Michael Sondermann/Bundesstadt Bonn
Bonn Art Museum

The Bonn Art Museum, an architectural masterpiece of Axel Schultes, attracts visitors from all over the world and houses an impressive collection of key works by August Macke and other Rhenish expressionists.
The museum's second attraction is its extensive collection of German post-war art ranging from Baselitz and Beuys to Richter and Rückriem, built up systematically since 1945, and its constantly changing temporary exhibitions.

The August Macke House, Beethoven's birthplace, the Arithmeum, the Regional Rhenish Museum, the Academic Art Museum, the Stadtmuseum (municipal), the Frauenmuseum (Women's Museum) and the Bonn Art Association are just a few of the famous names which have earned Bonn its reputation as a "city of museums".

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