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March 25, 2019

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Swimming pools


Bonn has two indoor swimming pools, five open air swimming pools and one combined indoor/outdoor swimming pool. Furthermore, there is the swim training centre of Sportpark Nord entrusted to the swimming club ‘SSF Bonn’ equipped with a 50 meters pool and a teaching pool.

General information is to be found on the following German pages: opening hours, see ‘Öffnungszeiten’; entrance fees, see: ‘Eintrittspreise’. For special information on the different swimming pools, please click on the name. We apologise for offering this information only in German.

URL: ederoeffnungszeiten/index.html?lang=de

URL: ntrittspreise/index.html?lang=de

URL: 228/index.html

Hallenbad Beuel
URL: 231/index.html

URL: 232/index.html

URL: 235/index.html

Freibad Rüngsdorf
URL: 233/index.html

Freibad Friesdorf
URL: 236/index.html

URL: 234/index.html

Hallen-Freibad Hardtbergbad
URL: 237/index.html

Last update: March 12, 2019



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