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February 16, 2019

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RSS - Podcast


The RSS offer on Here you can obtain messages and event tips that are free of charge and up to date. This service is unfortunately only available in German.

RSS Topthemen (Top themes)

RSS Pressemeldungen (Press releases)

Audio Podcast Pressemeldungen (Podcast Press releases)
URL: xml

RSS Veranstaltungen (events)

RSS - What is that anyway?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a document, which groups together articles from websites or weblogs in an "XML-Feed”. "Feed” comes from the verb "to feed”. The user is fed with RSS feeds. How do you receive "Your feed”? Simply subscribe to RSS feeds from websites and weblogs.
Here’s an example:
As a Bonn citizen and internet user you take an interest in the news and event tips from the federal city. You can now either surf on the website every day and inspect what the new themes are, or the latest news update will be sent immediately to your computer. In the "Newsreader” you can stipulate themes that interest you. The programme checks whether there are any news updates from Bonn at regular intervals. Every new item of news then appears on your screen. Now you can read the message at your convenience and if you want you can click onto the full text of the message on the Bonn website.


As when reading e-mails you need a programme - called a "newsreader" or a "Feedreader" to read RSS feeds. A large number of readers can be downloaded free of charge from the internet.


such as Firefox, Opera or Microsoft Internet Explor (from Version 7.0 upwards) can directly process the RSS feeds and do not need an extra-reader, however the automatic messaging function is absent here.

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