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March 25, 2019

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Participation of citizens


Get Informed - Get Involved - Have Your Say

Legislation provides for a number of ways for you to bring your influence to bear on decisions and functions of your local government and to get actively and directly involved in issues of your city, even without being a member of a political party or of a local government body.

How to do it

We ask for your understanding that detailed information on this subject is available only in German.

Citizen Phones / Citizens´ Information and Counselling Offices
URL: irkung/02554/index.html

Rights to Information
URL: irkung/01482/index.html

Citizen Participation in Land Use Planning
URL: en_und_wohnen/11356/index.html?lang=de

Residents´ Motion
URL: irkung/01483/index.html

Citizens´ Request and Citizens´ Ruling
URL: irkung/01485/index.html

Residents´ Question Time
URL: irkung/01480/index.html?lang=de

Freedom of Information Act
URL: ste_online/buergerservice_a_z/00856/index.html?lang=de

Environment Information Act
URL: irkung/01489/index.html

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