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History of the City


Bonn is one of the cities along the Rhine that is able to boast a rich tradition. It is well worth reading the chronicles and studying the history of the city, which brought both times of hardship and times of joy to its inhabitants.

  • A French Touch
    URL: dtarchiv/stadtchronik/11799/index.html?lang=en
  • First Written Sources
    URL: dtarchiv/stadtchronik/11800/index.html?lang=en
  • 400 years of Roman Rule
    URL: dtarchiv/stadtchronik/11801/index.html?lang=en
  • Restitutus, the Bear Hunter
    URL: dtarchiv/stadtchronik/11802/index.html?lang=en
  • Cassius and Florentius, the Martyrs
    URL: dtarchiv/stadtchronik/11803/index.html?lang=en
  • Border Pact on the Rhine
    URL: dtarchiv/stadtchronik/11804/index.html?lang=en
  • The Town Grows Around the Minster
    URL: dtarchiv/stadtchronik/11805/index.html?lang=en
  • Freobaldus the Rich
    URL: dtarchiv/stadtchronik/11806/index.html?lang=en
  • Building a Town Wall
    URL: dtarchiv/stadtchronik/11807/index.html?lang=en
  • "Dit geschah zu Bunne" - This Was Done at Bonn
    URL: dtarchiv/stadtchronik/11808/index.html?lang=en
  • Two Kings Crowned in Bonnís Minster
    URL: dtarchiv/stadtchronik/11809/index.html?lang=en
  • Godesburg Castle Destroyed by Gun Powder Mine
    URL: dtarchiv/stadtchronik/11810/index.html?lang=en
  • War about a Love Affair
    URL: dtarchiv/stadtchronik/11811/index.html?lang=en
  • First a Fort, then a Baroque Residence
    URL: dtarchiv/stadtchronik/11812/index.html?lang=en
  • Bonnís Most Prominent Citizen
    URL: dtarchiv/stadtchronik/11814/index.html?lang=en
  • A French Interlude
    URL: dtarchiv/stadtchronik/11815/index.html?lang=en
  • Napoleon Falls off his Horse
    URL: dtarchiv/stadtchronik/11816/index.html?lang=en
  • Under Prussian Rule
    URL: dtarchiv/stadtchronik/11817/index.html?lang=en
  • The Lieutenant and the Mouse
    URL: dtarchiv/stadtchronik/11818/index.html?lang=en
  • Bonn Scholars, from Argelander to Welcker
    URL: dtarchiv/stadtchronik/11823/index.html?lang=en
  • Schlegel and the Candles
    URL: dtarchiv/stadtchronik/11820/index.html?lang=en
  • The First Beethoven Festival
    URL: dtarchiv/stadtchronik/11824/index.html?lang=en
  • Proud of Princes and Hussars
    URL: dtarchiv/stadtchronik/11825/index.html?lang=en
  • Tit for Tat
    URL: dtarchiv/stadtchronik/11826/index.html?lang=en
  • Separatists and the First Autobahn
    URL: dtarchiv/stadtchronik/11827/index.html?lang=en
  • A Balance of Horror
    URL: dtarchiv/stadtchronik/11828/index.html?lang=en
  • Bonn for Capital
    URL: dtarchiv/stadtchronik/11829/index.html?lang=en
  • Moving to Berlin
    URL: dtarchiv/stadtchronik/11830/index.html?lang=en

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